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Our Mission


Our kindergarten is a non-profit bilingual kindergarten operated by the Lung Kong World Federation in which we uphold the spirit of —Loyalty, Righteousness, Benevolence, and Courage when nurturing the children. The well-equipped campus empowers our excellent teachers to cultivate children's interest in learning and logical thinking through games and play. We also provide a well-balanced curriculum to develop the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects of the children in achieving the goal of providing the best quality education for our young learners.

教育理念Educational Philosophy


Through encouragement and support, our school nurtures children to value the process of learning through active participation in games and developmentally appropriate learning activities. This allows them to acquire knowledge and problem-solving skills through an enjoyable learning experience.

Our curriculum is based on Educator Dewey's theory of “Education is life itself” and “Learning by Doing" along with Piaget's theory of cognitive development. With a learning process that starts from the concrete and moves onto the abstract, it is closely interlinked with the level of children's mental development. We are also inspired by Vygotsky's Scaffolding Theory, in which he suggests that learners can learn from interactions with children of varying abilities in order to enhance their mental development. Group discussions and presentations based on different themes will be held to strengthen children’s thinking and communication skills. By encouraging participation and displaying students’ pieces of work, it helps to cultivate children’s interest in learning.

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